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Dreaming of the Digital Divan : Digital Apprehensions of Poetry in Indian Languages

Edited by A Sean Pue, Nishat Zaidi, Mohd Aqib

If people in India primarily consume poetry through digital media, then how must our critical approaches change? Dreaming of the Digital Divan: Digital Apprehensions of Poetry in Indian Languages surveys the current digital landscape of Indian language poetry online and suggests new digital approaches to its study. The authors explore the new experiences of poetry that digital technologies provide to their audiences. They trace how citizen scholars have worked to preserve India’s literary heritage while extending poetic experience online. And finally, the authors grapple with the implications of poetry becoming data for digital humanists, as well as the complications attached to working within non-Roman scripts. In its combined focus on digital modes of consuming and studying poetry in India, the volume develops a strikingly new approach to poetics, one connected to traditional categories of analysis while evolving to approach contemporary modes of experience

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